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Bienvenida, soy Jeannette, ¡Estoy tan feliz de que estés aquí!

I am Jeannette, a passionate empowerment coach, a non-performative yoga teacher, and a textbook type B personality. I live for long walks in the wild and sleeping under the stars. I'm the girl you can count on to bring the snacks and your Jackie of all trades.

Ethereal Lotus Yoga, ELY, está dirigido por mí, Jeannette Rodríguez. Soy una instructora de yoga itinerante que actualmente vive en Brighton, Reino Unido. He estado practicando yoga durante 11 años y recibí mi certificado de formación de profesora de yoga de 200 horas en 2019, en Rishikesh, India. Mi amor por el yoga comenzó como una forma de aliviar el estrés y hacer ejercicio mientras estaba en la universidad. Después de profundizar en los diversos aspectos (Pranayama, Meditación, filosofía del yoga, etc.), comencé a ver un aumento en mi calidad de vida. Antes del yoga, luchaba contra la ansiedad, la falta de concentración y la fatiga. Fue un largo camino desde la práctica ocasional hasta la práctica regular, antes de ver los verdaderos efectos que el yoga estaba teniendo en mi cuerpo y mente. Después de encontrar mi estudio favorito en Denver, CO, las enseñanzas filosóficas del yoga me inspiraron y fortalecieron, lo que me llevó a desarrollar una práctica regular.


El viaje

wash parkBNW_edited.jpg

Cuando comencé mis viajes, estaba practicando en los albergues en los que me hospedaba, lo que atrajo a otros viajeros del albergue para que se unieran a mí práctica. Fue entonces cuando realmente comencé mi amor por la enseñanza. Al principio lo hice solo con amigos que también estaban interesados ​​en el yoga, pero luego comencé a atraer a principiantes. Fue entonces cuando me animaron a estudiar mi práctica más profundamente con mis compañeros profesores. Les preguntaba sobre su camino y antes de darme cuenta, me apasioné profundamente por el yoga.


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My Awakening

Jeannette embracing the rain under an arch of flowers. London, UK (2022)

After years of substance abuse and an abusive relationship, I decided to take a time out. Away from everyone and everything I knew. Away from my loved ones so I could discover how to inhabit my body once again. The person that was living in my body did not feel like me. I had aspirations, goals, and drive, but why was I living a life that felt dull and less-than? I didn't know it at the time that this trip would be the most life-changing decision of my life. I'd be landing in the land down under. No, not Australia, at least not yet. I had arrived in the farthest place I could reach, New Zealand. 

Some people will tell you that they had an ego-death before their life changed radically. For me, it's taken at least two or three pivotal moments before I finally arrived at a time in my life when I have drastically changed for the better.

I finally learned how to take responsibility for my actions. I learned how to ask myself deep and painful questions so I could go deep in uncovering my wounds. Then came a tribe of people that would later became my family. A community that knew how to support me through this part of my journey. I found leaders that inspired me. People that were doing the work I had painfully put off. I learned how to peel back the layers and layers of the hard shell I accumulated over the years. I found a soft, sensitive, passionate, and absolutely badass chick that could do want she set her mind to do.

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My Really Offical Bio

Jeannette is the founder of Ethereal Lotus Healing Arts School. She is a non-performative yoga teacher who believes that yoga philosophy can change the world. She hopes to be known for bringing a spirit of vulnerability, warm nurturing energy, and inspiration that guides you to move consciously and confidently in your life.

Now on to the important things.

The Quiz

Favorite Indulgence

Chocolate Cake with Ice Cream

Drink of Choice


Person I'd Love To Meet

Vanada Shiva

Can't Do Life Without

Warm Lemon Water

Guilty Pleasure

Spending Hours Chatting

with Good friends

Usually Craving

Banana Bread

Alternative Universe Job

Contemporary Dancer

Beach VS Mountain


Favorite Place I've Been

Casa Elemento, Mica Colombia

Favorite Show to Binge

Gossoip Girl

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