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Everything you need to align body to mind,

and free your soul 

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Kickstart Your

Yoga Challenge

Slow Flow

Eases you into a joyful set of movements that will wake up the body and leave you energized.

Vinyasa Flow

Invites you to connect breath to movement through a series of strength and stretchy poses.

Power Flow

Engaging the whole body with strong movements, leaving you confident to take on the world.

Yin Flow

Restore and rejuvenate the body with this deep tissue flow where we hold each pose for 2-3 minutes.


Day  1 |

Day 2 |

Day 3 |

Day 4 |

Day 5 |


Day 6 |


Find stillness in the mind as we go deep into our internal space with guided visualizations.

Free Flow

Loosen the body with as you intuitively dance through this flow of creatively arranged postures.

Vinyasa Flow

Dynamic and fluid flow taking you through sun salutations, power, seated and relaxing postures.


Day 7 |

Global Meditation

Monthly Guided Meditation with a purpose. Each month we choose a cause to donate to somewhere around world. Join our global community as we come together for global healing.

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